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Since its launch in early 2009, Bitcoin has established itself as the first decentralized p2p monetary system, opening a door to new ways of understanding the economy, outside the control of the big central banks that monopolize money and its issue. Today Bitcoin is news, among many other reasons, for being the strongest cryptocurrency ecosystem, the currency with the highest value in the world, the most accepted or the one with the largest market capitalization. In this section we offer the latest news related to Bitcoin and its technology that is changing the world.

La tasa de hash de Bitcoin [BTC] ha caído un 31% desde el inicio de noviembre de 2018

Bitcoin [BTC] Hash Rate Has Fallen 31% Since Start of November 2018

BitMEX Research has a new report out. Released December 10th, the report focuses on the Bitcoin price action in the past few weeks starting...
La volatilidad de Bitcoin [BTC] aumenta más del triple en los últimos 30 días

Bitcoin volatility [BTC] more than tripled in the last 30 days

Bitcoin volatility over the past 30 days has more than tripled according to the Bitcoin Volatility Index. As of yesterday December 9th, the index...
satoshi nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto “appeared”. Really exist?

Recently there has been a stir in social networks about the figure of Satoshi Nakamoto, whom everyone in the world of crypto economics knows...
mineros bitcoin

Bitcoin [BTC] Faces Second Largest Mining Difficulty Drop in History After Latest Adjustment

Bitcoin mining difficulty is dropping and it’s dropping fast. Figures from Chinese mining pool BTC.com show that after the latest Bitcoin mining difficulty adjustment,...
bitcoin energía renovable

Bitcoin [BTC] – Nearly 80% of Bitcoin Mining Done with Renewable Energy According to...

CoinShares, a UK-based crypto asset research, and investment firm may have just helped dispel one of the most scathing myths against Bitcoin adoption in...
Un estudio muestra una tendencia anti-Bitcoin [BTC] en los medios de comunicación convencionales

Research Exposes Anti-Bitcoin [BTC] Bias in Mainstream Media

Mainstream media outlets could be spreading negative sentiments against Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry either knowingly or unknowingly. This is according to a recent...
nyse bitcoin

Bitcoin [BTC] and Digital Assets Are Here To Stay, Says NYSE Chairman

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general just scored big time this week securing an endorsement from one of the most influential Wall Streeters, Jeffrey Sprecher...
Jay Clayton, presidente de la SEC revela lo que impide la aprobación de un ETF de Bitcoin [BTC]

Jay Clayton, president of the SEC reveals what prevents the approval of a Bitcoin...

Jay Clayton, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) took to stage during the Consensus Invest Conference held in Manhattan yesterday to...
Bitcoin [BTC] y las criptomonedas comenzarán una nueva etapa

Bitcoin [BTC] and cryptocurrencies will begin a new stage

After more than 13 days of decline in prices, on Monday bitcoin prices have shown a discreet but significant rebound that in view of...
El gobierno local de Ohio aceptará Bitcoin [BTC] para el pago de impuestos

The Ohio local government to Accept Bitcoin [BTC] for Tax Payments

Cryptocurrency payments are secure, transparent and low cost. Those are the reasons why the American state of Ohio has decided to allow businesses registered...
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