Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

A days of the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

The hard fork of cryptocurrencies continue to occur, even in the midst of a market situation with downward trends in the prices of cryptography...
BitMEX elige dar soporte a Bitcoin ABC

BitMEX chooses to support Bitcoin ABC

Bitcoin ABC has just scored another point due of the support it will receive from BitMEX after the Hard Fork takes place. Only a few...
Bitpay apoya la implementacion de Bitcoin ABC en el próximo harfork de Bitcoin Cash [BCH]

Bitpay supports the implementation of Bitcoin ABC in the next Bitcoin Cash hardfork [BCH]

The controversial Bitcoin Cash fork has further split the network ideologically mainly based on the lack of consensus among the network’s developers. However, Bitpay...
A pocos días del hard fork del BCH, surge la discordia entre Ver y Wright

Discord between Ver and Wright arises a few days away from BCH hard fork

Yesterday, a new disagreement between recognized personalities of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) went public, when Roger Ver revealed a very aggressive and threatening email from Craig...
El consenso de Nakamoto llegará con el hardfork de Bitcoin Cash [BCH]

The Nakamoto´s consensus will come with the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hardfork

November 15th will be the very first time the Nakamoto Consensus is going to be put in practice with the expected Bitcoin Cash hardfork....
El apoyo de Coinbase al próximo hardfork de Bitcoin Cash [BCH] es considerado positivo en el mercado

The support of Coinbase to the next Bitcoin Cash hardfork [BCH] is considered positive...

The price of Bitcoin Cash has continued to see positive movements preparatory to the upcoming fork on November 15. This remarkable spike in the...
Bitcoin Cash sube un 20% tras el anuncio de la IPO de Bitmain

Bitcoin Cash rises 20% after the announcement of the Bitmain IPO

Bitmain Technologies LTD, the Hong Kong- based mining giant on Wednesday filed its Initial Public Offering (IPO) to trade publicly on the Hong Kong...
bitcoin cash fork

Bitcoin Cash Lead Developer Said Another Fork Unlikely Soon

Forks seem to be rarer this year than last. This echoes the view of the lead developer for Bitcoin Cash, Amaury Sechet who said...
Bitcoin Cash se prepara para una división

Bitcoin Cash Gearing Up for A Split

No, this is not going to be an all-nice decision to split the network that split from Bitcoin a year ago, but a disagreement...
Bitcoin Cash desafía a Ethereum con su software de contratos inteligentes

Bitcoin Cash Challenges Ethereum with Smart Contract Software

Ethereum’s ERC20 has been the dominant platform for ICO launch since and was responsible for the popularity of the blockchain crowdsale. There has been...

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