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To be informed at all times about bitcoin’s price variations is essential in the world of cryptocurrencies, in this section you can follow the price of bitcoin (BTC), its evolution of value in real time and observe its price changes, both in the last 24 hours and in last week.

We also offer graphs where you can observe the value of bitcoin in different fiduciary currencies, BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, BTC/GBP, BTC/JPY, BTC/RUR, with which you can make your own technical analysis. You can also calculate the exchange rate with the bitcoin calculator to EUR, USD and other fiduciary and virtual currencies.

$ 3.744,20

€ 3.292,33
24 h
7 d
Vol 24h:
$ 5.412.160.000
Market Cap:
$ 65.484.300.000
Max Supply:

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Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Transaction Volumes Hit Record Highs in 2018 Despite Bear Market

Bitcoin network has seen significant increases in daily transactions for the better part of last year despite a fall in price. Similarly, according to...

Bitcoin [BTC] – Bitcoin Whales Resurfacing Could Mean Choppy Waters Are...

Bitcoin whales – whales being an industry term referring to individuals or entities owning wallets with significant amounts of cryptocurrency – who have been...

Bitcoin [BTC] – Bitmain’s Uncertain Future Leads to Scaling Back of...

Bitmain, the embattled Chinese cryptocurrency company that is currently the leading Bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer and operator of one of the largest Bitcoin mining...

Bitcoin [BTC] Transaction Fees Hit Three-Year Low as Lightning Network, SegWit...

Bitcoin transaction fees have been falling for several months now and in January 1st, 2019 they touched lows they hadn’t seen since October 2015....

Mysterious Bitcoin [BTC] Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Is Among the Most Powerful...

Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous inventor of Bitcoin and blockchain technology has bagged a ranking among some of the most influential and wealthy individuals in...

The difficulty of Bitcoin mining rises 10% in the last adjustment

For the last two months, Bitcoin price has fallen steeply which meant that most miners were operating in loses and thus several of them...

Bitcoin [BTC] – Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain Set to Fire Half...

It seems that Bitmain, the giant Chinese Bitcoin equipment manufacturer is not having a smooth sailing through the cryptocurrency bear market. It has surfaced...

Reachable and Unreachable Nodes on the Bitcoin Network Have Reduced Significantly...

Bitnodes, a Bitcoin network data aggregation website built to estimate the size of the Bitcoin network is reporting that the number of reachable nodes...

Bakkt Bitcoin futures [BTC] are expected to get approval soon

Bakkt, the physically settled Bitcoin futures contract platform that is set to be launched on January 24th pending regulatory approval is expected to gain...

Iranian Students in UK Use Bitcoin to Circumvent US Sanctions

The United States has imposed some stiff sanctions against the Iranian country and its citizens owing to political differences. The SWIFT banking network sanctions which...

Bad times for Bitcoin [BTC] mining companies

The decline in the prices of Bitcoin and the main cryptocurrencies has been maintained for the last three weeks in a way that is...

The current market has only two profitable Bitcoin [BTC] RIG miners

Cryptocurrency miners are struggling to stay in profits in this protracted bear market with several reports exposing the losses suffered by most miners in...

Bitcoin [BTC] Hash Rate Has Fallen 31% Since Start of November...

BitMEX Research has a new report out. Released December 10th, the report focuses on the Bitcoin price action in the past few weeks starting...

Bitcoin volatility [BTC] more than tripled in the last 30 days

Bitcoin volatility over the past 30 days has more than tripled according to the Bitcoin Volatility Index. As of yesterday December 9th, the index...

Satoshi Nakamoto “appeared”. Really exist?

Recently there has been a stir in social networks about the figure of Satoshi Nakamoto, whom everyone in the world of crypto economics knows...

Bitcoin [BTC] Faces Second Largest Mining Difficulty Drop in History After...

Bitcoin mining difficulty is dropping and it’s dropping fast. Figures from Chinese mining pool show that after the latest Bitcoin mining difficulty adjustment,...
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