Cookies threaten Blockchain’s anonymity

Recently, a group of researchers at Princeton University have posted an article highlighting privacy issues of making encrypted payments on online merchant sites that...

Bitcoin Cash should not be considered as Bitcoin

Bitcoin's bifurcation, Bitcoin Cash continues to speak. From China's Chandler Guo, a major Chinese investor in crypto-currencies recently criticized Bitcoin Cash, led by China-based...

Blockchain in criminal justice worldwide

Despite the speed with which blockchain technology is being adopted in many areas, there is still a legal system in every country in the...

Blockchain can redefine international logistics

Blockchain technology has been attracting the attention of logistics companies with great force. With complex and incredibly cumbersome procedures involved in organizing transportation from...

Wallets and Exchangers: A Shelter for Cybercriminals?

Unfortunately it is well known that Bitcoin has enjoyed immense popularity in the underground crime markets due to the anonymity associated with financial transactions....

Blockchain technology and transparency of online gambling

If something is as old as humanity itself, that is gambling and betting. The game is considered one of the oldest traditions found in...

Litecoin: Will it beat Bitcoin?

The month of June of 2017 could be remembered as the month in which the real flippening occurred, from bitcoin to litecoin, a rush...

Cryptocurrencies as a remittance delivery solution

Making international remittances air and simple was one of the first use applications for Bitcoin. Although the initial concept of low rates and high...
Bitcoin Hard Fork

Bitcoin Hard Fork: What is the probability of survival?

The Bitcoin community fears that the Bitcoin chain will split into two lingering chains when Bitcoin Unlimited miners start a difficult fork. But is...

Colombia declared illegal Bitcoin

The regulation of commercial exchange activity through digital currencies will be a subject of constant discussion given by the special characteristics of these ways...

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