The collaborative trend among cryptocurrencies

There will be more collaboration than competition in the new and brave world of cryptocurrencies. Humans tend to simplify, think all or nothing. This tendency...

Energy consumption: Great disadvantage of Bitcoin mining

If something is happening in the midst of the growing uproar of bitcoin activity and its prices, it is the great inefficiency of carrying...
blockchain regulator

Digital property rights and Blockchain

In the midst of Blockchain's meteoric rise as an emerging technology with global applications, concerns remain about outdated property rights laws that provide little...

Cryptocurrency mining: a need for hardware

As the demand for cryptocurrencies increases, the need for more efficient miners also grows. But as miners rely heavily on the quality of their...

Google and Goldman Sachs among Blockchain’s most active investors

The price of bitcoin is still on a rising trend that looks pretty solid, and that forces us to consider what is happening. The...

Group-IB: Cryptocurrencies and hackers

So far this year we have seen how cybercrime has taken a toll in protecting the anonymity of cryptocurrencies, as well as attacks on...
btc usd

Scientist affirms with its predictive model that bitcoin will pass USD 6,000 at the...

The price of bitcoin has remained above 4 thousand dollars for weeks, with peaks and lows but always with the clear upward trend. Being...
cataluña btc

Catalonia, Bitcoin and independence

Bitcoin has been reacting to global events. Without losing its upward trend, it is interesting to observe the behavior of prices along with certain...

Cookies threaten Blockchain’s anonymity

Recently, a group of researchers at Princeton University have posted an article highlighting privacy issues of making encrypted payments on online merchant sites that...
bitcoin cash

Bitcoin Cash should not be considered as Bitcoin

Bitcoin's bifurcation, Bitcoin Cash continues to speak. From China's Chandler Guo, a major Chinese investor in crypto-currencies recently criticized Bitcoin Cash, led by China-based...
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