LavkaLavka, BioCoin and the first legal ICO in Russia

In Russia LavkaLavka, an international eco-farming and retail network company, has launched a crowdsale of the integrated cryptography platform BioCoin in association with a...

The auction platform of ICO’s RateI.CO also offers its own ICO

The alternatives that have recently been observed in the environment of cryptography are a clear perspective of the rise of blockchain technology and its...

LON first bank in the world to sell Bitcoin via ATMs

Slovenian firm Hranilnica LON will officially become the first regulated bank in the world to sell bitcoin directly from its existing ATMs. During a press...

Snovio: crowdsourcing in data collection and its ICO

The market for databases, whether of e-mail, contacts, company profiles and related is a niche of incalculable qualitative value for various corporate sectors. With...
finlands bank

Bank of Finland Report: Bitcoin is a revolutionary currency system

Certainly the understanding of the scope of bitcoin as a monetary solution is growing. More and more government institutions are showing this. This is...

DomRider: Blockchain based real time auctions

The operational ecosystems in which blockchain technology is breaking out are increasingly diverse. Providing its qualities, this technology allows the most diverse applications. In...

Auctus: transparent pension funds with Blockchain technology

The scope of blockchain technology is still in a major acceptance boom. In this regard, we will talk about the Auctus Project, which was...

UTRUST: the new payment processor that accepts the main crypotcurrencies

The adoption of blockchain technology also touches the payment processors. The Utrust Platform is a payment processor solution that allows merchants to accept multiple...

Umbrella Coin and its new insurance model

Solutions based on Blockchain technology cover almost every area. An example of this is the insurance sector. Interesting proposals arise that seek to provide...

Canada launches Criptocurrencies Investment Fund

In Canada, the First Cryptocurrency Investment Fund is launched, providing a safe way to invest in bitcoin and with financial and legal credibility, which...
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