NAU: New platform for tokenized digital marketing

In digital marketing, one of the most beneficial models for retailers is the CPA, because they can pay for the customers' shares and can...

Privatix: bandwidth with own cryptoeconomy

This time we will talk about the Privatix network. This platform is presented to us as a decentralized, 100% autonomous VPN P2P network based...

Tokenizing the economy: Simple Token

The technical and business challenge that the Simple Token team set out to solve is to allow conventional applications to benefit from the deployment...

Wish Finance: decentralized loans for small businesses

The projects based on blockchain technology that we are getting to know these days are interesting and have great potential. In this opportunity we...

Robomed Network: A network blockchain at the service of health

In these times of ICO's and various blockchain projects, the health sector could not be left behind. This time we will talk about Robomed...
mavin ico

Mavin: Blockchain for Marketing Influencers

The growth of blockchain technology in terms of its applications would soon take social networks. With this clear idea the Swiss startup Mavin will...
Ethereum ERC20

Standard ERC20: the basis of most ICOs

The vast majority of ICOs are based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard. In this post we will talk about why ERC20 marked the breakthrough...

Cryptonomos: the best ICO’s

The blockchain environment has been exponentially bombarded with initial offers of coins - ICO's - from a myriad of projects of the most diverse...

Boosteroid: more than cloud services

In this opportunity we will talk about a project whose ICO is active, and whose proposal of services in the cloud we cannot let...

What is Oyster?

Blockchain technology and the ICO´s are being the dynamic duo of the explosion of start ups these days. The case about which we will...
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[ICO] Neurotoken
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