Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News

Since its launch in early 2009, Bitcoin has established itself as the first decentralized p2p monetary system, opening a door to new ways of understanding the economy, outside the control of the big central banks that monopolize money and its issue. Today Bitcoin is news, among many other reasons, for being the strongest cryptocurrency ecosystem, the currency with the highest value in the world, the most accepted or the one with the largest market capitalization. In this section we offer the latest news related to Bitcoin and its technology that is changing the world.

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The price of bitcoin fell from $ 6000 to then reach $ 8000

The price of bitcoin broke its ground during the second week of November and was below $ 6000. It has not been a good...
bitcoin price

The price of bitcoin seems to have no ceiling. Why?

" The price of bitcoin could close 2017 above $ 2000" were the phrases of hundreds of analysts in December 2016, when bitcoin had...

Bitcoin in a bubble?

Given the prices bitcoin has reached, many experts are of the opinion that Bitcoin is in a massive speculative bubble. All the signs of a...

Millions in Bitcoin stalled by unconfirmed transactions

Certainly the stagnation of bitcoin transactions has been a problem. The volatility of the prices after $ 7,500 and then its rapid decline to...
Bircoin price

Warning Signs Are Flashing For Bitcoin Investors

Bitcoin continues to soar at prices many skeptics once believed were never attainable. We only just pointed out that some Goldman Sachs analysts see...
Bitcoin Segwit2X

Hard Fork Segwit2x canceled

A few months ago a group of bitcoin software developers were thinking about making a new update to improve the scalability of the blocks...
Bitcoin Goldman Sachs

$ 8,000 for Bitcoin before the end of the year? Analysts at Goldman Sachs...

Last October Bitcoin reached its historic peak reaching up to $ 7600 per unit in the market. The entire community was stunned by such...

Electrum 3.0 enables Bech32 SegWit addresses

In recent days, the launch of Electrum 3.0 occurred, a version that, in addition to being compatible with SegWit, also uses the new Bech32...

How to get B2X on the SegWit2x Hard Fork in November

There are two bitcoins in conflict, one with the BTC nickname and the other with the name B2X, this guide details how to safely...

Google and Goldman Sachs among Blockchain’s most active investors

The price of bitcoin is still on a rising trend that looks pretty solid, and that forces us to consider what is happening. The...
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